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WITH - Specific Questions

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:37 pm

Please pick the area that you most resonated with (Life OVER, UNDER, FOR or FROM) and answer at least one question from that area:  

Life UNDER God:
1. Can you recall a time when you tried to "bargain" with God? What was the nature of the agreement? How did it play out?
2. What motivates you to obey God's commands? What are you hoping to achieve? What does this reveal about your deepest desires?

Life OVER God:
1. Is there an area in your life in which you rarely or never include God? What do you rely on instead?
2. How is a relationship with God different from living out christian values? Is it possible to live according to Scripture and not be with God? Can you think of a time of your life when that was the case?

Life FROM God:
1. Can you think of a way you have remade God in your own image? Can you think of something that you value highly, or characteristic you possess, that God does not?
2. How have you tried to isolate yourself from discomfort? How is this encouraged by our culture or your immediate community? Do you think God always wants us to be comfortable?

Life FOR God:
1. Are different vocations "ranked" in your community either explicitly or implicitly? How would you list them from most important to least?
2. In the parable of the lost sons (Luke 15), do you identify more with the younger son or the older? What truths about yourself do you see in each character?


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